Club History

Former Clyde Pinelands players who moved to Edgemead founded the Edgemead Football Club in 1977. A few names that come to mind are Ray Lopes, Graham Clemitson, Keith Ridley, Brian Abrahamse, Gigi van Cuyck, Keith Geils and last but not least, Patrik Yon, who has now been with Edgemead for 33 years.

Word soon got around and it didn’t take long before other players joined up and we embarked on a series of friendly games playing in an assortment of colors and at various grounds.

During the 1977 season, official representation was made to the Western Province Football Association that was based at its headquarters at Hartleyvale by three nervous men – Ray Lopes, Graham Clemitson and Neville McCarthy who put forward a compelling case for the official birth of Edgemead F.C.

Initially, it was mooted by the delegates of other clubs that Edgemead F.C.  should play in the 4th League, but due to the strong force shown by the Edgemead players during friendly games in 1977 and with a little further persuasion, Edgemead F.C. was granted entry at the 3rd League Level.

Edgemead Football club commenced its first competitive season in 1978 and Ray Lopes was voted in as the first Chairman of the club. It was agreed that the official club colors would be taken from the recently defunct Caledonian Football Club – red, white and blue, and that the badge would be that of a Lion. During the first season Edgemead Football Club fielded 5 Junior Teams, 1 Ladies Team and 2 Senior Teams.

In 1991 the Pens Goodwood Football club also joined forces with the then Edgemead Park Villa club to form what is now known as the Edgemead Goodwood Peninsula Park Villa (PPV) Football club. A new constitution was drawn up and Douglas Young was voted in as the first chairman of the club. The colours of the playing kit were changed to our current colors of red, black and white. These colours were chosen to reflect those of the municipality, which were adopted by all the sporting fraternities under the jurisdiction of the municipality at that time.

Looking back at the history of the club and talking to the past chairmen, it becomes apparent that we have a club that is exceedingly rich in history. The amalgamation over the years of these various clubs has formed the impressive Edgemead Goodwood PPV Football club we have today. The most inspiring part, is that it started with just a few men with a vision to form this football club.

Forty six years on, we are proud to be recognised as the largest amateur football club in the southern hemisphere.

This should be a lesson for us all – when throwing that small stone into that vast ocean that is called life, you may be surprised at the ripple effect it may cause years down the road. Would those opposing our club 40 years ago, ever have dreamed that this club could have grown to the strength it is today.

Well done to those few men who followed their dream of establishing our club. Well done to those who contributed to the club over the years to make it what it is today – a club to be reckoned with!

So when you visit the club house, take a look at the Honors board and ponder a moment, on the listed and unlisted people that have worked so hard to establish this club. People that have not only kept it going for so many years, but who have grown the club to what it is today. Many of these have put vast amounts of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into the club. So don’t be blasé about the honors board – instead, be positively involved, and cast your own stone, let’s see what ripple effect we can create over the next 40 years….