All players registered with Edgemead Goodwood PPV Football Club are now eligible to claim from an insurance policy set up by SAFA, in the event of an injury during club related football activity.

The policy is quite heavy to digest but the key points to be aware of are outlined below:

1. notification of a claim for an injury must be submitted within thirty days of it happening

2. injuries covered are those encountered during club soccer activities on the field of play, and whilst traveling to or from matches – training periods are covered but note that the district must be informed of any friendly matches to ensure cover  -  cover only operates in SAFA approved games / tournaments.

3. official medical invoices / accounts & certificates will be required to support any claim and there is an excess of R2K

4. any existing medical aid cover must be utilized before this SAFA policy cover applies

5. previously existing ailments or conditions are not covered

6.    This cover is for reimbursement of expenses to policy limits.  The Insurers will not authorize medical procedures.

7.    To ensure final payment the Insurers will require Certificate of fitness signed by the Medical Doctor.

Don’t take the above as definitive – it’s just for guideline purposes.

A claim form is attached which has contact details of the insurer - phone them if you have questions. Note that the club will need to be informed as a copy of the player’s SAFA card is required as part of any claim.